Department of Theory and History of Education

Research at the Deparment of Theory and History of Education addresses fundamental questions and concepts of education. This includes research into educational practice, theoretically, systematically and historically - even with respect to the perspectives of ather disciplines. In this process, one of the assignaments of the general educational science department is to provide a unifying platform for the variuos sub-disciplines in educational science. This is done by means of critical and analytical discussions with the various theoretical schools of thought and key concepts inherent to the field of educational science, while keeping in view the implications of theories, each of which require their own pedagogical thinking and practice.

Teaching and research focus on:

  • Theory, history and empiricism of pedagogical knowledge and educational science
  • Fundamental questions and concepts in educational science
  • Research into the science and history of educational science
  • History of vocational training and academic education
  • Historical development of educational institutions , especially of families and schools
  • Research on the history and present situation of teachers' training
  • Gender and school/ Gender-specific socialisation

The Department of Theory and History of Education participates in all degree programmes at the Institute for Educational Science.