Organisational structure of the Institute for Educational Science

The governing bodies of the Institute for educational Science are the Management Board and the General Assembly.

The members of the Institute for Eduactional Science (IfE) are the personnel assigned to it, as well as five students of the degree programmes in which the IfE is involved. The General Assembly acts in an advisory capacity in all matters of fundamental significance concerning the academic institution and advises the Management Board on such matters.

The Management Board is responsible for running the IfE. The Management Board consists of four members from the Professors Group as well as one member each from the Student's Group, the Academic Staff Group and the Technical and Administrative Staff Group.

The board elects a managing director (and a deputy director) from among the professors group. The managing director assumes the position of the chairperson of the board, prepares and implements its resolutions.

The details are governed by the statutes and regulations of the Institute for Educational Science (Official Notices, 16th edition 8.4.2013)