Dr. Kerstin Schmitt


Research interests: MassSpec-Yeast group

Selected Publications:

  • Hollstein LS, Schmitt K, Valerius O, Stahlhut G, Pöggeler, S (2022) Establishment of in vivo proximity labeling with biotin using TurboID in the filamentous fungus Sordaria macrospora. Scientific reports, 12, 17727

  • Kubitz L, Bitsch S, Zhao X, Schmitt K, Deweid L, Roehrig A, Barazzone EC, Valerius O, Kolmar H, Béthune J (2022) Engineering of ultraID, a compact and hyperactive enzyme for proximity-dependent biotinylation in living cells. Communications Biology, 5, 657

  • Marquardt L, Taylor M, Kramer F, Schmitt K, Braus GH, Valerius O & Thumm M (2022) Vacuole fragmentation depends on a novel Atg18-containing retromer-complex. Autophagy, 1-18

  • Schmitt K, Kraft A-A, Valerius O (2021) A Multi-Perspective Proximity View on the Dynamic Head Region of the Ribosomal 40S Subunit. Int. J. Mol. Sci 22, 11653

  • Kretzschmar FK, Doner NM, Krawczyk HE, Scholz P, Schmitt K, Valerius O, Braus GH, Mullen RT, and Ischebeck T (2020) Identification of Low-Abundance Lipid Droplet Proteins in Seeds and Seedlings. Plant Physiol 182, 1326-1345.

  • Schmitt K, and Valerius O (2019). yRACK1/Asc1 proxiOMICs-Towards Illuminating Ships Passing in the Night. Cells 8.

  • Valerius O, Asif AR, Beissbarth T, Bohrer R, Dihazi H, Feussner K, Jahn O, Majcherczyk A, Schmidt B, Schmitt K, Urlaub H, Lenz C (2019). Mapping Cellular Microenvironments: Proximity Labeling and Complexome Profiling (Seventh Symposium of the Göttingen Proteomics Forum). Cells 8.

  • Meister C, Thieme KG, Thieme S, Köhler AM, Schmitt K, Valerius O, and Braus GH (2019) COP9 Signalosome Interaction with UspA/Usp15 Deubiquitinase Controls VeA-Mediated Fungal Multicellular Development. Biomolecules 9.

  • Kretzschmar FK, Mengel LA, Müller AO, Schmitt K, Blersch KF, Valerius O, Braus GH, Ischebeck, T. (2018). PUX10 Is a Lipid Droplet-Localized Scaffold Protein That Interacts with CELL DIVISION CYCLE48 and Is Involved in the Degradation of Lipid Droplet Proteins. Plant Cell 30, 2137-2160.

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  • Schmitt K, Smolinski N, Neumann P, Schmaul S, Hofer-Pretz V, Braus GH, Valerius O (2017). Asc1p/RACK1 Connects Ribosomes to Eukaryotic Phosphosignaling. Mol Cell Biol 37.3.

  • Heilig Y, Dettmann A, Mourin͂o-Pérez RR, Schmitt K, Valerius O, and Seiler S (2014) Proper actin ring formation and septum constriction requires coordinated regulation of SIN and MOR pathways through the germinal centre kinase MST-1. PLoS Genet 10, e1004306.

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  • Rachfall N, Schmitt K, Bandau S, Smolinski N, Ehrenreich A, Valerius O, Braus GH (2013). RACK1/Asc1p, a Ribosomal Node in Cellular Signaling. Mol Cell Proteomics 12.1, 87-105.