Major Research Interests:

The laboratory focuses on eukaryotic microorganisms (yeasts and filamentous fungi). The interplay between development (adhesion, filament formation, tissue formation) and secondary metabolism (acting as benign or toxic bioactive molecules) is analysed. A second line of research examines the impact of fungal pathogens on human health and agriculture.

Research topics include:

From single cells to filaments (yeast vs. pseudohyphae)

Control of fungal development & secondary metabolism

The ubiquitin family, the COP9 signalosome & fungal development

Fungal pathogenicity and human health: the opportunistic pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus

Fungal pathogenicity and agriculture: the vascular plant pathogen Verticillium longisporum

Yeast as model for neurodegenerative diseases (Morbus Parkinson)

Research videos:

Biological research in practice: Secondary metabolites in fungi

Biological research in practice: Proteomics

Biological research in practice: Yeast tetrade dissection and robotic screening