Media Literacy

Media literacy has become just as an essential part of our basic education as being able to read and write, and is necessary to effect a more active and purposeful interaction with more modern forms of media.

At ZESS, there are diverse courses to help students improve their media literacy; students should consider the following pointers in order to strengthen their learning process in these courses:

While courses may be taken individually, we recommend combining them in order to gain more out of your learning. To support this, upon successful conclusion of a certain number and combination of courses, students may sit for one of our certificate examinations.

  • Introduction to Media Culture: Media literacy as the fourth facet of modern culture and the Effects of contemporary media
  • Media Production: Television Journalism, Radio, Photo Journalism and Print Media
  • Mobile Communication: Making use of apps, geo data and QR-codes
  • Online Classes and 'Traditional' Classroom Settings: working online and collaborative project management
  • Video Clip Production: Producing educational films, documentaries and creating clips for job applications
  • Literature Research: Making use of hard and soft resources
  • Analysis and Production of Posters, Flyers, Cards: Print media in public relations