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The Chair of Application Systems and E-Business

The Chair of Application Systems and E-Business deals with the design of modern business application systems, the implementation of these systems and their operation. Therein, the beneficial effects associated with IT-based solutions are of particular interest.

When designing company or inter-company application systems, the question is how new algorithms, new technical possibilities, changed processes, changed integration or a new organizational alliance can be used to improve solutions or to further automate the existing situation in a sensible manner or to offer completely new solutions or business models. In this, it is not only the concept that is important to us, it's also about evaluating the changes that come with it. The focus point of the introduction of application systems lies in how the introduction and / or migration process can be designed to be as efficient and successful as possible. From this it is also possible to derive conclusions about advantageous software architectures (service-oriented architecture, software as a service, etc.) and operating forms for application systems (for example application service providing, cloud computing). Mostly, when operating the application systems, analysis for the use, acceptance and effects of the IT solutions are in the foreground. Herein, the methods of the examinations are strongly empirically oriented.

In addition to new scientific findings, it is a concern of the Chair to promote the exchange of knowledge between theory and practice. In terms of content, the research focuses on the topics:

In the field of education and further training of students, the Chair of Application Systems and E-Business is concerned with providing students with a comprehensive and solid knowledge of Business Informatics, Computer Science and Business Research. The students should be enabled to recognize problems and independently develop suitable solutions. The imparting of methodological foundations takes place in basic courses such as "Management of Information Systems" or challenging project seminars. Numerous secondary events convey the know-how in the area of the designing of information systems in different industries, e.g. banks and insurance companies, media companies or industrial companies. Through the collaborative project Winfoline, the department also offers students from Göttingen complementary business informatics courses from Saarbrücken, Leipzig and Kassel. Through Lower Saxony’s Association Atlantis (Niedersächsischen Verband Atlantis) courses are exchanged with Braunschweig, Claustal-Zellerfeld, Hanover, Oldenburg and Osnabrück. This way, there are many possibilities for the students to choose special priorities in business informatics and to deepen their knowledge of them. Additionally, the department has been one of the first scientific institutions of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen to participate in a Master of Science in Information Systems since 2002.

In addition to the two "core businesses" of research and teaching, the Chair of Application Systems and E-Business is also significantly involved in the expansion of the university IT support, as proven by several successful projects within the University of Göttingen. In the three areas of research, teaching and the expansion of the university IT support ten to fifteen employees with interdisciplinary qualifications are working under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Schumann. They are supported by about 50 student assistants and 30 to 40 students a year with projects or final theses.