Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit is the point of contact for all issues relating to gender equality, compatibility and diversity. It is responsible for the implementation and (further) development of central programs and measures. It informs and advises staff, affiliates and students of the university (Counselling services) and supports faculties and institutions as well as professional staff and executives (Consulting services). In addition, the administrative office of the Senate’s Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity located there.


Head of Unit
Doris Hayn Dr. Doris Hayn
49 (0) 551 39-26321
E-Mail: doris.hayn@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Assistant and Administrative Office Manager
Klavdiya Gordeyeva Klavdiya Gordeyeva
49 (0) 551 39-26320
E-Mail: klavdiya.gordeyeva@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Head of division Gender Equality/ Head of Dorothea Schlözer Programme
Nina Gülcher Dr. Nina Gülcher
49 (0) 551 39-26322
E-Mail: nina.guelcher@zvw.uni-goettingen.de


Project Equality-Oriented Career Promotion
Tina Bergmann Tina Bergmann
49 (0) 551 39-26326
E-Mail: tina.bergmann@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Head of division compatibility
Renate Putschbach Renate Putschbach
49 (0) 551 39-26328
E-Mail: renate.putschbach@zvw.uni-goettingen.de


Assistant and childcare services for students
Katrin Hansmann Katrin Hansmann
49 (0) 551 39-26328
E-Mail: katrin.hansmann@zvw.uni-goettingen.de


Head of division diversity
Daniela Marx Dr. Daniela Marx
49 (0) 551 39-26324
E-Mail: daniela.marx@zvw.uni-goettingen.de


Gender & Diversity in Teaching and Studies
Bild Pia Garske Pia Garske
49 (0) 551 39-26325
E-Mail: pia.garske@zvw.uni-goettingen.de


Gender Monitoring
Aline Georgi Aline Georgi
Gender Monitoring/ Department Finances and Controlling
49 (0) 551 39-22684
E-Mail: aline.georgi@zvw.uni-goettingen.de