Safety on campus

The University of Göttingen strives to create a safe campus for all students and members of the university. However, studies show that students, staff and other university members repeatedly experience sexualised harassment on campus (UniSAFESurvey, Gender-based violence-survey) and that there is an urgent need for action to ensure protection against sexualised harassment and violence and to prevent assaults in advance. (Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency: Expertise by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (German), Study on sexual harassment in the workplace (German), Video documentation "#MeToo an Hochschulen" (German)).

The University of Göttingen does not tolerate any form of sexualised harassment and violence, it protects its members, affiliates and guests to the best of its ability and punishes violations. It offers counselling services to all members, affiliates and guests of the University who have experienced and observed sexualised harassment and violence and would like to encourage them to report such incidents.

The "Guideline on the Prevention of and Protection against Sexualised Harassment and Violence" is the foundation for all activities of the University and the University Medical Center against sexism and sexualised assaults.

The university regularly provides information on the topics of safety, sexualised assaults in the workplace and violence against women as well as sexism through events, poster campaigns and other activities. It also provides the flyer "Safety on campus".

There are various offers of assertiveness and self-defence trainings by the university.

On November 25, the International Day against Violence against Women, the Frauen*forum Göttingen, which the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit is part of, wants to draw attention to violence against woman and girls. Since 2001, the Frauenforum regularly organises events and activities.