Arenberg-Coimbra Group Prize

The Arenberg-Coimbra Group prize was first founded by Duke of Arenberg through the Arenberg Foundation in 2006. The Arenberg Foundation's aim is to "encourage greater and more widespread knowledge of the history and culture of the European continent". The 5,000 Euro prize is awarded annually to graduates of Coimbra University, who have completed the Erasmus program to study abroad at a foreign university of Coimbra Group.

Eligible candidates will have obtained their Master degree during the twelve months preceding the application submission deadline. Applications should be sent to the Coimbra Group representative of the candidate's university (Dr. Anna Stuhldreher) at the latest by 30 November 2018.

Application documents in English:

  • Description of content of the master thesis and what added value the Erasmus stay for the thesis had; maximum 4 pages
  • Explanatory notes to the studies in general and optionally further provided results for the course of study, like presentations at a conference etc.

Additional Information