Notes for Lecturers

Room reservation

You can reserve your room directly in UniVZ via your institution administrator. In case of problems, the UniVZ representative of your faculty or the WiSo-RZ will be at your disposal:

Please inform yourself by means of the room description deposited in the UniVZ or via the item Computer equipment whether the room is suitable for your event with regard to the number of workstations and the software you require.

Necessary access data

Employees of Economics and Social Sciences need a valid user ID of the GWDG, which we will gladly activate for you at our service desk on the 7th floor for use in your courses. Please note our opening hours and please bring your employee ID. The activation is valid for 2 semesters, an extension is possible at any time.

Please enter your user data as follows:

  • gwdg\your_username

Student tutors will use your student account for the course.

Student tutors from Economics and Social Sciences use their student account to work in the PC pools. Students from other faculties need a clearance at our service desk on the 7th floor to participate in your course.

Provision of software and files

For the implementation of your course we provide a variety of software packages, which we have listed under the item computer equipment. If any software is missing, please contact us. Furthermore, we offer to collect the software collection you need under an extra item in the Windows start menu.

Our "Teaching" drive is available for providing files for your participants. We would be happy to create a separate directory for your event.

Please contact us with any questions: