Connection to terminal servers via remote desktop apps

Verbindung mit Remote-Desktop-Apps

We provide all employees and students of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences access to various applications via RemoteApp services.

The login to the terminal server is only allowed with personal user accounts, i.e. anonymous user accounts and anonymous student assistant accounts are not authorized for access.

What are RemoteApps?

The offered Windows applications run on servers of the WiSo computing center. The program interface is transferred to the calling computer. During use, the user environment (drives, printers, storage ...) is available as at the CIP pool PCs.
Access is done with a web browser at


  • Also usable off campus with VPN
  • No need to install the application on the local device.
  • Direct access to data stored at the university
  • Microsoft RD Client app also available for Android, iOS and macOS

Please check the input of your username first in case of login problems. This must always be entered in combination with the domain for logging in to the Remote Desktop:

UG-STUDENT\YourUsername or GWDG\YourUsername.

David Golombek

Phone: (0551) 39-21600