FAQ - German courses

We offer free German classes on every proficiency level. On the levels B1, B2 and C1/C2 we also offer courses that focus on one specific skill. We offer courses with two or four hour classes.
Generally, you can repeat a module but it cannot be credited. You will not be graded and you will not receive any credits for it. A repetition can only be credited when you have failed the course before, meaning you were given the grade 5.0.
With the placement test (E-Test) we can assess your level of language proficiency so that you can choose the appropriate German class. For further information please see here.
You can take the placement test online at each beginning of semester at the ZESS of Göttingen University (Goßlerstraße 10), from Monday to Friday. It takes approximately 30 minutes. For further information please see here.
No registration for the placement test is necessary. You can go directly to the ZESS at Göttingen University (Goßlerstraße 10). In its media center you can simply register at a computer with your student ID and your first and last name and proceed with the test right away. If you do not have a student ID (for example as an employee of the university) please write an email to the office of the lectorate and attach a scan of your employee ID.
If you have already successfully completed a course at the lectorate/at the IIK or if you hold an official language certificate (DSH, TestDaF, Telc, Goethe etc.) or if you start learning German and want to attend a basic German class on the level of A1.
The placement test is the admission requirement for attending the German courses. If you are unable to take the test due to special circumstances please contact the office of the lectorate.
Your result will be shown to you immediately after the test (points and level of language proficiency).

  • Enrolled students and PhD students with a student ID register on StudIP first and in the first class session afterwards.
  • Employees and visiting scholars without a student ID register directly in the first class session (please bring your employee ID!).
If you cannot attend the first class session please notify the teacher via email (via StudIP) in advance.
You can get three credit points for a two hour class and six credit points for a four hour class.

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