Promotion of early career researchers

CeMig aims to build a forum and network to support early career scholars. Migration Research Labs offer the opportunity to discuss research questions with leading experts and among peers.

Courses at the University of Göttingen

The diverse research conducted in the field of migration studies at the University of Göttingen is also reflected in teaching. Here you will find an overview of the current courses in the Winter Term 2022 (last update 30.09.2022) on the topic of migration. More detailed information on the individual courses can be found in the Course Overview.

Faculty of Law

  • 1000002 Seminar: Aktuelle Fragen des Migrationsrechts (SE)
    Prof. Dr. Angela Schwerdtfeger

    • 431399 Kolloquium zum Migrationsrecht
      Dr. Ferdinand Weber

    • Faculty of Humanities

      • 869199 Seminar mit Begleitkurs: Migration and emotions (S) (engl) und Neue Zugehörigkeiten in der Diaspora (BK)
        Prof. Dr. Elfriede Hermann, PD Dr. Astrid Bochow

        • 869096 Seminar: Interreligiöse und interkulturelle Dialoge (SE)
          Prof. Dr. Alexander-Kenneth Nagel

          • 4510739 Seminar: Decentering Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives (SE)
            Dr. Čarna Brković

            • 4510691 Seminar: Atomtests, Klimawandel und Migration: Stimme, Klang und Performance auf den Marshallinseln (SE)
              Celia Eva Fritze, M.A.

              • 4510744 Seminar: Migration ausstellen (SE)
                Piritta Kleiner

                • 4509572 Masterseminar: Urban-Rural China: Identity, migration, policy (SE)
                  Benjamin Creutzfeldt, PhD.

                • Faculty of Social Sciences

                  • 869052 Proseminar: Migration, Integration und Religion (PS)
                    Prof. Dr. Silke Hans, Roland Mskhvilidze

                    • 869120 Seminar: Geschlecht, sexual citizenship und Migration (SE)
                      Marek Elias Sancho Höhne

                      • 869050 Vorlesung: Migration und Integration im Überblick (VL)
                        Prof. Dr. Silke Hans

                        • 869054 Proseminar: Bildungsungleichheit und Migration (PS)
                          Prof. Dr. Karin Kurz

                          • 869098 Seminar: Cyberfatwas: Religiöse Lebensberatung im Kontext von Migration und Medienwandel (SE)
                            Dr. Mahmud El-Wereny

                          • CeMis - Centre for Modern Indian Studies

                            • 990548 Seminar: Migration and Borderlands in India (SE)
                              Prof. Salah Punathil

                              • 990546 Seminar: South Asian Religions, Migration, and Diaspora (SE)
                                Dr. Natalie Lang