Newly published: The Institution of Literature

Based on contributions to the cross-departmental conference "The Institution of Literature" chaired by Prof. Dr. Barbara Schaff, Johannes Schlegel and Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp, the following volume has been freshly published: The Institution of Literature.

"The contributions investigate the ways in which numerous institutions of English literature shape the literary field. While they cover an extensive historical field, ranging from the Early Modern period to the 18th cen tury to the contemporary, they focus not only on literary texts, but also on extra-literary ones, including literary prizes, literary
histories and anthologies, and highlight the various ways in which these negotiate the processes that const itute the literary field. All contributions assert that there is no such thing as literature outside of institutions. Great emphasis is therefore put on different acts of mediation.

For further information, please check: "Institution of Literature".