Evaluation of the Study Buddy Program

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How often did you meet each other?
If you have met a few times only, what do you think were the reasons?
Did you participate together in (online) events at your faculty? (If yes, which ones?)
Did you participate together in (online) events organized by InDiGU? (If yes, which ones?)
Did you use the information booklet for Study Buddies? If yes, what was useful for your partnership?
Did you use the work materials for getting started with your studies? If yes, what was helpful for your partnership?
What activities did you participate in with your Study Buddy/Buddies?
What went well? What did you like?
What did not go well? What didn´t you like?
Do you have any tips for other Study Buddies?
What are your plans concerning the Study Buddy Program?
Which tips, wishes or requests do you have concerning the Study Buddy Program or the InDiGU Team?

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