Theoretical Particle Physics - Particle Phenomenology


  • Apr 24: new preprint on jet angularities in pp and AA at RHIC (external link)
  • Mar 24: 3 joint publications with H1 HERA collaboration (external link)
  • Mar 24: new preprint on hadronic Higgs-boson decays (external link)
  • Mar 24: PDRA Timo Janßen starts CIDAS fellowship (external link)
  • Feb 24: QURS Graduate Days lecture in Hamburg (external link)
  • Oct 23: back in Heidelberg, lecturing at the Physics Graduate Days (external link)
  • Sep 23: paper on resummed event shapes in DIS published (external link)
  • Jul 23: congrats to Timo Janßen who successfully defended his PhD thesis
  • Mar 23: BMBF ErUM-Data collaborative project KISS gets funded (press release)
  • Oct/Nov 22: talks at ACAT22 (external link) and NHR symposium (external link)
  • Aug 22: latest Sherpa paper reached 500 citations (inspire)
  • Aug 22: Nested Sampling paper published in EPJC (external link)
  • Jun 22: "Higher-order Electroweak Corrections in ZZ and ZZj production at the LHC" published in JHEP (external link)
  • Jun 22: Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Reichelt for the Born-Franck Dissertation award 2022 (external link)
  • May 22: "Accelerating Monte Carlo event generation - rejection sampling using neural network event-weight surrogates" (paper SciPost)
  • Mar 22: "Phenomenology of jet angularities at the LHC" (paper JHEP, auxiliary material)
  • Mar 22: contributions to US Snowmass Community Study on the future of Particle Physics
  1. Machine Learning and LHC Event Generation (editor) (external link)
  2. The strong coupling constant: State of the art and the decade ahead (external link)
  3. Event generators for High-energy Physics experiments (external link)
  • Oct 21: congratulations to Daniel Reichelt who successfully completed his PhD, now PDRA at IPPP Durham/UK
  • Aug 21: GoeGrid compute cluster extension - funded through DFG (GEPRIS) - installed and operational
  • Jul 21: "Soft-drop grooming for hadronic event shapes" published (external link)
  • Jul 21: Jet Angularities paper published in JHEP (external link)
  • Mar 21: PSR21 online conference, May 25-27th, jointly organised with IPPP Durham (external link)
  • Mar 21: PhD Max Knobbe awarded an MCnetITN fellowship with U Glasgow
  • Nov 20: jDPG Podiumsdiskussion mit Prof. Majer (Phil. Seminar UGOE): 
          "Die Zeit in der Physik und Philosophie" (Video Aufzeichnung)
  • Nov 20: Chang Wu (U Genova) joining as MCnetITN shortterm student
  • Oct 20: Diboson paper published in JHEP (external link)
  • Apr 20: Neural Importance Sampling paper published in SciPost (external link)
  • Apr 20: Jet Rates paper published in JHEP (external link)
  • Dec 19: Soft-Drop paper published in JHEP (external link)
  • Sep 19: MCnet school in Quy Nhon Vietnam (external link)
  • Sep 19: new Sherpa paper published in SciPost (external link)
  • Jun 19: upcoming Fulbright-Cottrell Junior Faculty workshop in Göttingen (external link)
  • Apr 19: paper on full NLO corrections to 3-jet production published in EPJC (external link)
  • Apr 19: PhD student Daniel Reichelt won Fulbright fellowship joining FNAL theory group
  • Sep 18: pupil research project scores 1st place in "Jugend Forscht" regional competition (external link)
  • Feb 18: DAAD P.R.I.M.E. fellow Dr. Vincent Theeuwes joins our group (Pressemitteilung)
  • Dec 17: Dr. Berliner-Dr. Ungewitter PhD Thesis Award for our former group member Dr. Enrico Bothmann (Pressemitteilung)
  • Jun 17: Fulbright-Cottrell Award for Prof. Steffen Schumann (Pressemitteilung)


Our group is active in the field of theoretical particle physics and in particular particle-physics phenomenology at high-energy colliders such as the LHC. We develop theoretical methods and tools to predict the outcome of collision experiments in the framework of the Standard Model or New Physics extensions of it. We design strategies to efficiently search for physics beyond the Standard Model. We are involved in the Sherpa Monte Carlo project, a multi-purpose event generator for the LHC.


A complete list of publications from members of the phenomenology group can be found here.

Open Positions and Theses Topics

Our group is regularly looking for new members. We offer bachelor and master as well as PhD theses. Please contact the group leader Prof. Steffen Schumann for further information.