Individual Writing Consultation

To make an appointment for an individual writing consultation, simply contact us via email or you can come to our open consultations in LRC of SUB (2nd floor), every Tuesday from 13 to 15h, counter StudIT.

Who can have a writing consultation?
Any students of Göttingen University can have a writing consultation, regardless of their discipline, their level of experience or the language(s) they are writing in.

What are the consultations about?
The goal of writing consultation is to support students in becoming better writers.

What happens in a writing consultation?
A writing consultation is a one-on-one conversation that could for example involve exploring writing strategies that can be helpful for your writing process.

You can talk to us about all genres of academic text, for example:
Seminar papers
Bachelor’s and master’s theses
Protocols and reports

We can help you with
finding and defining a topic to write about
refining your research question
handling literature
connecting literary sources to your own ideas
structuring your text

We can however not
read, correct, or edit entire texts
consult about the content of your texts (because this is something you should discuss with your teacher)
consult about empirical methodology (because these differ from discipline to discipline)