M.A. Cultures and Languages of the Mediterranean

Interdisciplinary, practically and professionally orientated

Are you interested in the countries, languages and cultures of the Mediterranean region? Learn more about the history of this important global cultural area as well as its present social, political, economic and cultural development, and become a multilingual expert on Mediterranean countries!

The degree programme

  • Single-subject Master programme: 78 C (120C)
  • 4 semesters
  • Start of studies: summer and winter semester
  • Double degree option in combination with the Master of Education

There are 13 institutions of the Faculty of Humanities which take part in this degree programme (as well as the faculty for Geoscience) and offer a combination of subject-related expertise regarding the Mediterranean region, which is unique in Germany. In this way, there is an impressive network of expertise and study program, including ancient and modern languages of the Mediterranean and their accompanying literary- and cultural studies as well as regional studies. Students benefit from this interdisciplinary cooperation and acquire knowledge on currently vital topics such as migration, border studies, transculturality and transnationality, ethnic diversity, hybridization and more.

Structure of the degree programme

  • Compulsory studies:
    • Acquisition of basic historical, social and geographical knowledge and specifics of the Mediterranean area(s)
  • Elective compulsory studies:
    • Individual focus in the linguistic or thematic area
    • ancient or modern languages
    • Individual selection between the following thematic areas “Language, Literature, Mediality”, “History”, “Religions” or “Social and cultural dynamics”
    • Completion of an occupation-oriented internship or submission of a research project related to practice
  • Elective Studies:
    • Specialization of the linguistic or thematic priorities selected in the compulsory elective area in further modules
  • Acquisition of key competencies:
    • Completion of the studies with vocational modules or with modules related to practice (further information)


  • You acquire historical, political, social and cultural knowledge of an important global area
  • After graduating you’ll master at least to languages of the Mediterranean area
  • Ability to act competent in intercultural contexts
  • You learn how to communicate efficiently and effectively and to cooperate in teams

Occupational fields

The Master’s degree in Cultures and Languages of the Mediterranean qualifies graduates for occupational fields and employers both inside and outside Germany, where advanced language skills and in-depth knowledge on the Mediterranean are required. These include, for example, cultural and welfare institutions, humanitarian agencies, NGOs, companies operating internationally in the Mediterranean region, politics and political consulting, language and cultural teaching, integration work, tourism, press and public relations work, publishing companies, media, museums or archives.

Application deadlines

The application deadline for a start of studies in a summer semester is the 1st December. For a start of studies in a winter semester the application deadline is the 1st June. Please apply using the online-portal.

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