Gerhard H. Braus


(Abstracts are not listed; * indicates primary research articles)

[247]* Werner A, Herzog, B, Voigt O, Valerius O, Braus GH, Pöggeler S (2019) NBR1 is involved in selective pexophagy in filamentous ascomycetes and can be functionally replaced by a tagged version of its human homolog. Autophagy 15, 78-90.

[248]* Bui TT, Harting R, Braus-Stromeyer SA, Tran VT, Leonard M, Höfer A, Abelmann A, Bakti F, Valerius O, Schlüter R, Stanley CE, Ambrósio A, Braus GH (2019) Verticillium dahliae transcription factors Som1 and Vta3 control microsclerotia formation and sequential steps of plant root penetration and colonisation to induce disease. New Phytol. 221, 2138-2159.

[249]* Merker D, Popova B, Bergfeldt T, Weingärtner T, Braus GH, Reithmaier JR, Popov C (2019) Antimicrobial propensity of ultrananocrystalline diamond films with embedded silver nanodroplets. Diam. Relat. Mater. 93, 168-178.

[250] Brás IC, Popova P, Braus GH, OuteiroTF (2019) Yeast-based screens to target alpha-synuclein toxicity. In Bartels T (ed) Alpha-Synuclein; Humana Press, New York, Methods in Molecular Biology (MIMB) 1948, 145-156.

[251]* Köhler AM, Harting R, Langeneckert AE, Valerius O, Gerke J, Meister C, Braus GH (2019) Integration of fungal specific CandA-C1 into a trimeric CandA complex allowed splitting of the gene for the conserved receptor exchange factor of CullinA E3 ubiquitin ligases in Aspergilli. mBio 10, e01094-19.

[252]* Meister C, Thieme KG, Thieme S, Köhler AM, Schmitt K, Valerius O, Braus GH (2019) COP9 signalosome interaction with UspA/Usp15 deubiquitinase controls VeA mediated fungal multicellular development. Biomolecules 9, 238.

[253]* Horta MA, Thieme N, Gao Y, Burnum-Johnson KE, Nicora CD, Gritsenko MA, Lipton MS, Mohanraj K, de Assis LJ, Lin L , Tian C, Braus GH, Borkovich KA, Schmoll M, Luis Larrondo L, Samal A, Goldman GH, J. Philipp Benz JP (2019) Broad substrate-specific phosphorylation events are associated with the initial stage of plant cell wall recognition in Neurospora crassa. Front. Microbiol. 10, 2317.

[254]* Álvarez-Escribano I, Sasse C, Bok JW, Na H, Amirebrahimi M, Lipzen A, Schackwitz W, Martin J, Barry K, Gutiérrez G, Cea S, Marcos AT, Grigoriev IV, Keller NP, Braus GH, Cánovas D (2019) Evolved Aspergilli populations promote transversions in A. flavus and reveal low mutation rates but sexual aberrancy in non-homologous end-joining mutants. BMC Biology 17, 88.

[255]* Bardetti P, Castanheira S, Valerius O, Braus GH, Pérez-Martín J (2019) Cytoplasmic retention and degradation of a mitotic inducer enable plant infection by a pathogenic fungus. eLife 8: e48943.