Application and admission for MSc program Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Admission Qualification

General qualification for admission is achieved by a Bachelor's degree in Biology or a closely related field and proofs of proficiency in English of level C1 and German of level B1

Selection procedure for applicants from a non-European country

The following information is for applicants who acquired the entrance qualification to the Master's program in a non-EU country:
From the number of places in the program a quota of 20 out of hundred is constituted for applicants with a Bachelor's degree from a non-EU country.
If the number of applicants who meet the qualifications for entry exceeds the available places, a selection procedure is performed.
Only applicants providing a »special qualification« for the program are admitted. The special qualification is determined by means of a scoring system based on
a) Bachelor grade (max. 51 points)
b) Online assessment test provided by the faculty (max. 39 points)