Charles University in Prague is the largest university in the Czech Republic and Central Europe’s oldest university. It comprises 14 faculties and includes establishments in Hradec Králove and Plzen. The university has featured in the Erasmus programme for many years and is among Europe’s most popular exchange campuses – in 2018/2019 about 2000 exchange students visited Prague, while each year 1300 Czech students go abroad to visit other European universities. Several programmes foster an intense international exchange. Charles University actively maintains 190 exchange programmes with different partners abroad. Göttingen students are encouraged to engage in social science studies, particularly at the International Relations Institute, as part of Erasmus Key Action 103. Research focuses at the institute are processes of socio-economic transformation after 1989, populist movements and (Eastern) Central European recent history and contemporary history. Students aiming to spend a semester in Prague may as well take part in Philosophical and Theological faculty courses to allow interesting course offers in case of a special interest in premodern eras. In that regard the interdisciplinary research on the Hussite period can be considered a particular research focus. You may read more about students’ experiences here.

Pictures:Philipp Mangels, Faculty of Philosophy, Klementinum, Jan Palach Library