Studying Eastern European History is about a lot more than courses and lectures at KWZ. To really catch a grasp of the diversity and uniqueness of the regions between Warsaw, Tashkent and Vladivostok you should aim to go there yourself, be it as part of an exchange semester, work experience, a field trip, language courses and summer schools - or simply for the joy of traveling. The Eastern European History Institute aims to support its students in that regard by means of various cooperations and relations with several universities and organizations such as Göttingen International, Erasmus or DAAD and the arrangement of scholarships.

Partner Institutions

Research Institutions and Associations


  • Society of Historians of Eastern Europe, VOH
  • German Society for Eastern Europe, DGO:
    The Chairs of Slavonic literature studies (Pro Dr Matthias Freise) and Modern History of Eastern Europe (Prof Dr Anke Hilbrenner) are shared heads of the Göttingen DGO branch