• ENLIGHT aims to create an open learning environment that enables students from all disciplines access to the best courses and learning opportunities from all ENLIGHT universities. For more details on our extensive international education and mobility opportunities, please visit this page.

  • The network offers a wide range of opportunities for educators. In addition to the annual Teaching & Learning Conference, we support teachers through various professional development formats and networking opportunities. We regularly offer funding for organising ENLIGHT courses and summer schools. You can find out more about the ENLIGHT opportunities here.

  • We facilitate the identification of synergies between ENLIGHT partners, the development of joint research and innovation proposals, and the support of young researchers. In addition to further advancing digital research infrastructures and promoting Open Science, we support our researchers with additional tools, such as the R&I Observatory or the Toolkit for Researchers. Find out more.

  • In ENLIGHT, we work together with our cities and communities. Through our Regional Academies and European Dialogues, we provide a forum for exchanging ideas with international experts on local interpretations of the ENLIGHT challenges and for developing new collaborative projects.

  • The ENLIGHT network includes universities based in ten European countries covering all four European geographical areas: Northern Europe (Estonia and Sweden), Eastern Europe (Slovakia), Southern Europe (Spain), and Western Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland).