For Students

Virtual Mobility

Virtual mobility refers to participation in international virtual learning activities. This means that you can attend selected courses at our ENLIGHT partner universities online as part of your regular studies at the University of Göttingen. This gives you the flexibility to gain international experience from home and allows you to improve your digital and intercultural communication skills and attend sessions that effectively complement the content of your studies.
In the ENLIGHT network, virtual mobility is mostly offered in the form of seminars that run over a longer period of time or as block sessions ("course" or virtual "workshop"). Please check the information on the application and recognition of credit points in advance. Here you will find an overview of the current offers, which have been developed jointly by several ENLIGHT partner universities. In the ENLIGHT Course Catalogue, you can find virtual courses from the regular offer of our partner universities.

Intrigued to learn a new language? Several institutions are opening virtual language courses to students at ENLIGHT universities. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a new language together with international students and to improve your digital and intercultural communication skills. You can find an overview of the current course offers here.

Short-term Mobility Programmes

Students who, for various reasons, may not wish to travel abroad for a whole semester have the opportunity to get to know our ENLIGHT partner universities, the teaching staff and students through short-term mobility programmes.

A blended intensive programme consists of a virtual phase (usually at least 7 weeks) and a short stay abroad (5-30 days) at the university responsible for organising the BIP. A BIP always involves at least 3 partner universities and develops a short but intensive joint course, which is prepared or followed up during the virtual learning phase. At the BIP’s main location, you can also expect a programme with excursions or trips within the region or other social activities. Participation in a BIP thus offers an intensive interdisciplinary and intercultural learning experience and enables active cooperation with students from different European ENLIGHT universities. Here you can find an overview of the current BIPs at the ENLIGHT universities.

Since the recognition of credit points must be guaranteed, you should check before applying whether the course can be counted towards a module in your degree programme. Please email us in advance to check whether you can apply. When you apply, you can also apply for ERASMUS+ funding for your stay abroad. For more information on BIPs and an application checklist, click here.

If you opt for low-emission transportation, you can also apply for a grant to cover your travel costs. You will find more information here. Students with children, with disabilities or chronic illnesses, first-generation university students, and working students can also apply for additional grants. Find out more.

Of course, you can also take part in BIPs organised by the University of Göttingen and thus benefit from working in an international team, gaining intercultural learning experiences and enjoying great social activities at home.

The ENLIGHT partner universities offer a variety of summer and winter schools, which also enable a short study-related stay abroad. Summer schools provide the opportunity for an intensive examination of a specific thematic focus and thus allow for a subject-related exchange and networking activities with international students at an early stage. You can find an overview of the summer and winter schools for Bachelor and Master students here and for doctoral students here. In most cases, you will have to cover the costs of your stay abroad yourself. Please also make sure you get the information on the application process and the recognition and transfer of credit points ahead of time.