What do I learn in my studies?

During your studies you will learn how to generate knowledge from large amounts of data. Mathematics provides an important theoretical basis, and knowledge of computer science can be used to automate this. Methods from statistics and information about the relevant industries then help to analyse the data.

Mathematics ➗ 📐

The name says it all. The Mathematical Data Science programme includes a lot of mathematics. In the first two semesters, important basics in analysis and linear algebra are covered. With this knowledge, methods of probabilty theory and statistics can then be better and more deeply understood which in turn is helpful for data analysis.

Computer science 💻

In order to be able to automate the mathematical principles learned, programming skills are required. However, these are not a prerequisite at the beginning of the programme and are taught to students in the first semester. In addition, there is the option to participate in a computer science preparatory course. (This is currently still in planning, for more details see "Before study" soon.)
In addition to various programming languages, such as Java and Haskell, computer-internal processes, such as memory management are also addressed. Thus, students gain a deeper understanding of the structure of computers and can use this knowledge skillfully when writing efficient programmes.

Data Science 📊

Combining mathematics and computer science, students learn important methods for data management and data analysis. Important questions are: What is the best way to analyse the data set? How are analysis results to be interpreted? Mathematically oriented programming skills in Python or R are also used.

Personal skills 📈

Students also continue their personal development. The course of study makes a significant contribution to promoting logical and structured thinking. This enables students to recognise patterns better and to think outside the box. In addition, teamwork and communication skills are enhanced when solving tasks together. Since some lectures or lecture materials are offered in English in later semesters, students develop subject-specific vocabulary that can be of advantage in later professional life.
However, the study programme does not only revolve around mathematics and computer science; through key competency courses, students can get a taste of many other subject areas at the University of Göttingen during their studies.

Is the study program suitable for me?

The programme is suitable for anyone who enjoys mathematics and computer science. Students should enjoy solving tricky problems, even if it can sometimes take longer until the flash of inspiration hits.
The ability to work in a team also plays a major role both in your studies and in later professional life; tasks can be mastered better together and it is more fun in the process.