Handelsblatt ranking 2021: Holger Strulik highest placed economist with workplace in Germany - Göttinger Economic Sciences in 7th place overall

Prof. Dr. Holger Strulik, Professor of Macroeconomics and Development Economics at the Faculty of Business and Economics, is the highest ranked economist with workplace in Germany according to the current Handelsblatt economics ranking. He is ranked 5th overall, followed by Prof. Dr. Helmut Herwartz (Professor of Econometrics) in 81st place respectively. The current research performance, i.e. primarily the scientific publications in renowned journals within the last ten years, was examined.

In the ranking of overall research performance ("life's work"), the Göttingen researchers occupy the following places:

  • Place 26: Holger Strulik
  • Place 111: Helmut Herwartz

In the "Young Economist Ranking" (economists under 40), Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuchs (Chair of Development Economics) is ranked 56th. With all the economics publications of the past years, the University of Göttingen is ranked 7th in the sub-ranking "Faculties with the strongest research", and 4th in Germany.

About the methodology:
The ranking lists were drawn up by the Konjunkturforschungsstelle der ETH Zürich and the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf on behalf of the business magazine "Handelsblatt". For this purpose, the publications of scientists who conduct research in German-speaking countries or come from this field and work abroad are examined and evaluated. In addition, the quality of the journals is evaluated. According to the reputation of the respective journal, the publications are weighted differently, given scores and then added.

The respective rankings can be found here.