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You are ex-matriculated automatically after you have completed the last examination and the grade has been recorded in the system. Ex-matriculation always takes place at the end of the semester. You remain a registered student until this time and can use the facilities of the University and also use the semester ticket.

If you have more questions about the ex-matriculation, such as whether you need to register for another semester, the examination office (Prüfungsamt) of your faculty will be happy to answer your questions.

If you decide to quit your studies primaturely, you would have to apply for ex-matriculation on your own. Information for this can be found here.

Become a member of Alumni Göttingen e.V. and stay in touch with the University and your fellow students after your studies: Alumni Göttingen e.V.

When you leave Germany, you must de-register at the Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) of the city of Göttingen. The deregistration is normally done in person. You will need an appointment for this, which you can request via the city online appointment calendar.

In case you are already back in your home country, please kindly contact the Immigration Office via email at:

Send a copy of your identity card/passport and inform the registration office of the exact date you moved out or left the country and your new address.

If you are only moving within Germany, the city of Göttingen will automatically be notified of the move after you have registered with the new registration office.

During your time in Germany, you have certainly signed one or more contracts. In order to save unnecessary costs, you should terminate these contracts with consideration of the notice periods.

Rental contract

The lease agreement for the flat must be terminated in writing and according to the agreed notice period. The information about your notice period can be found in your tenancy agreement. In the private housing market, a notice period of three months is fairly standard.

You can find a checklist for terminating your tenancy agreement and moving out here:

Mobile phone, internet and telephone contract

If you no longer need your mobile phone, internet and/or telephone contracts, they should also be cancelled. Please enquire with your provider about your cancellation period.

If you are leaving Germany, you should mention this to your provider – sometimes they will be more accommodating about notice periods in these cases.

In some cases, it may be possible for the next tenant to take over the telephone (landline) or internet service contract. Please discuss this with your landlord and the next tenant.


If you have taken out insurance policies for your stay in Germany that you will no longer need in the future, these should also be cancelled. Please enquire with the insurance provider about the cancellation periods that apply to your contract(s).


To ensure that you can receive mail addressed to your old address, you can set up a forwarding order with the post office for a fee. This forwarding service is usually valid for six months. You can get information on forwarding orders at Deutsche Post branches or on the Internet:

The closure of your bank accounts (current account, savings account, etc.) must be done in person by you. Therefore, it is important that you do this before you leave. Before cancelling your bank account, you should cancel any standing orders or direct debits that have been set up or ensure that they can continue to be executed from your new account.

If you have joined a club (e.g. sports club) or subscribed to a newspaper or magazine during your time in Germany, you should also cancel these before you leave. Find out about any notice periods.

How do I get a Transcript of Records?

At the end of your stay, you can receive a Transcript of Records, which shows all your grades and credit-points you got in Göttingen. You can generate your Transcripts of Records using FlexNow.

You will get your FlexNow-document via E-campus → FlexNow → Summary of achievements.

If you have not received all your grades before you leave, you can download your Transcripts of Records later. Your account to FlexNow will remain active for several months after your departure.


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