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The three departments in the Dynamics of Biological Networks theme form the core of the CIDBN. The theoretical methodological spectrum covers a range of life sciences from mathematical theory building to data-driven, computational research strategies.

Physics of Biological Systems

building Heinrich-Düker-Weg 12 The department "Physics of Biological Systems" (Prof. Dr. Fred Wolf, bridge professorship "Dynamics of Biological Physics") represents the field of mathematical theory building, computational analysis, and theory-driven design of new experimental paradigms for the study of biological networks.


Systems Neuroscience

building von-Siebold-Str. 6 The professorship "Systems Neuroscience" (Prof. Dr. Siegrid Löwel) gives the experimental component to the CIDBN. The research area is dedicated to the study of development, neuroplasticity and visual information processing in the visual cortex of the mammalian brain.


Data-driven Analysis of Biological Networks

Luftaufnahme NordcampusThe new theory professorship "Data-driven Analysis of Biological Networks" (Prof. Dr. Michael Wibral), which was established when CIDBN was founded, focuses on the data-driven approach of the research field.