Objective (Subject)The role of environmental factors and ecological processes in the regeneration of high value timber trees in an African semi deciduous rain forest
ContentInsufficient natural regeneration of valuable timber species in many tropical forests is acknowledged as a serious conservation and management issue. However, the regeneration ecology of many species remains poorly understood. Poor natural regeneration threatens biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services, contributing to deepening poverty and increasing the vulnerability of forests towards conversion to other land uses. Therefore, restoration strategies aimed to improve regeneration are necessary, to enhance ecosystem service provision, increase the timber value of degraded forests, and mitigate climate change. Examples of such efforts include active approaches such as direct seeding, planting seedlings and passive approaches that rely on assisting natural regeneration. All have advantages and disadvantages. Using both natural regeneration and active approaches may be effective and favored. However, all may fail if the processes and factors influencing regeneration are not holistically understood. Thus, successful restoration, driven by successful regeneration, requires a profound understanding of the regeneration processes, identifying and paying attention to environmental prerequisites, limiting factors and interfering processes. Because regeneration problems are species specific and site dependent, the analysis must be done for each species at each site. This project seeks to understand the ecology of timber tree species regeneration in Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda, a selectively logged forest targeted for restoration. The goal is to gain better knowledge of the factors and processes involved, and use this understanding to determine how best to enhance their regeneration.
Appropriation period01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
Funded byDAAD
PartnersBudongo Conservation Field Station
Persons in chargeJohn Paul Okimat
CoordinationDr. Martin Ehbrecht
PublicationsOkimat JP, Babweteera F, Glatthorn J, Ehbrecht M (2023) Effects of site conditions on regeneration of African mahogany (Khaya anthotheca) in a semi‐deciduous East African tropical rainforest. Restoration Ecology, DOI:10.1111/rec.14032