Spatial Structures and Digitization of Forests

At the department of Spatial Structures and Digitization of Forests we investigate the driving and dependent variables of structures in forests. This means we investigate the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the formation of forest structures, as well as the ecosystem functions and services that are then provided by these structures. We do not only consider the stand as an ensemble of trees but also the single tree in its individual architecture. We understand our work as fundamental research, where the main goal is to better understand the structure-bound processes in trees and forests. In detail this means, we investigate for example:

  • Tree-tree interactions (competition and growth)
  • Basics of tree architecture (branching pattern, form, growth efficiency)
  • Structure-function relationships in trees (water supply, health status)
  • New methods of structure assessment for trees and forests
  • Stand structures in relation to climate, topography and management
  • Relationships between architecture and wood properties
  • Structure-diversity relationships

  • Here we use innovative methods to capture the three-dimensional structure of trees and stands, in particular the so-called 3D laser scanning. The spectrum ranges from hand-held (mobile) scanners, terrestrial scanners (tripod-based) to airborne laser scanning and data from the GEDI (Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation Lidar) as an ISS-based system.


    Departement Spatial Structures and Digitization of Forests
    Prof. Dr. Dominik Seidel

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