Workstation computer

Procurement is carried out via the currently valid framework agreement with the company Dell. This guarantees at least three years of on-site support in the event of hardware faults. The WiSo computer center will prepare the corresponding offers for you after consultation.

The devices are installed by us as standard with Windows 10 and a standardized software selection.
You can install a selection of software yourself via the software kiosk

The computers will be added to the university's domain, thus logging in with a user account created by the GWDG. For security reasons, this account does not have privileged / administrator rights.
(This is on set A4. The easures for IT baseline protection justifies .

In case of problems with the hardware or software, we are your central contact. Via remote support we can assist you with questions and problems with your software. In case of hardware problems we take over the communication with Dell.

If required, we will perform the initial setup / registration with you and show you the most important applications.

Through the domain connection, security-relevant Windows updates are released and installed promptly and faulty updates are held back. The automated integration of your personal drive ensures the regular backup of your data stored on it.

We keep the installed standard software up to date through our central software distribution. You do not have to deal with updates or security gaps in the software.

The security of the system is ensured as follows:
- WSUS (automated installation of security updates)
- Windows-Firewall (Protection against unauthorized access from the network)
- Sophos-Antivirus (Protection from malware)
- Personal, centrally managed access ID (protection against unauthorized access)

Software licenses with costs are usually purchased by your institute, we need the licenses and the software from you for installation. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of software / the determination of requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

In general, software licenses should be purchased through the university license vendorASKNet

Some software packages are cheaper at other providers. It is worth comparing.

Exceptions: Microsoft and Adobe licenses are mandatory to purchase from ASKNet.

The GWDG has arranged campus and collective licenses with some manufacturers. For some programs you will therefore find information about conditions / use here

We provide access to various applications via RemoteApp-services to all research teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. This also includes statistics programs that are subject to licensing. Darunter fallen auch Lizenzpflichtige Statistik-Programme. A list of the available software can be found here