Location specific Knowledge in Forest and Nature Management (M.Sc.) (700448)


This course is a preparatory course for the “Joint Summer Module (700287)” or “Forest Research Project (700573)”. The course includes training in finding and evaluating site-specific literature, conducting critical online discussions as part of project preparation, preparing and analyzing empirically based project proposals, selecting appropriate data collection instruments, and completing a project proposal for fieldwor. Each module includes clearly defined learning objectives, literature, and exercises, including multiple-choice self-tests and facilitated online discussions. Students work in inter-institutional virtual groups to develop project proposals that form the basis for research in the joint summer module or forest research project.


Learning objectives and competences

The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the importance of fieldwork preparation. This will be achieved through the acquisition of in-depth, site-specific factual knowledge, building on theoretical knowledge acquired in other courses, relevant to temperate and natural forest management issues, and the development of practical skills with emphasis on:

(i) the ability to collect, analyze, and evaluate appropriate qualitative and quantitative information, and to combine this with.

(ii) the selection of appropriate research tools to plan high quality fieldwork. Teaching and Learning Methods: Instruction will be via internet-based e-modules.



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Carola Paul

Exam: 1. Part: term paper (max. 10 pages) 50%

            2. Part: written exam 50%

ECTS: 7,5

Access requirement: only for students of the Erasmus course SUFONAMA

Language: English

Recommended previous knowledge: none

Frequency of offer: every summer semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: /

Workload: Attendance time 0 hours; self-study 225 hours