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The Forest Econometrics group is part of the Department of Forest Economics and Sustainable Land-use Planning. Forest econometrics is a field of applied statistics. It provides insights into empirical phenomena on the basis of forest economic data by applying statistical inference. We are not only interested in describing observed data, but also want to understand the underlying forest economic principles. Exciting aspects of forest econometrics are the time-dynamic interactions between forest economic, other socio-economic and ecological variables. In a system of raw wood supply, raw wood price and raw wood demand, for example, we are interested in how the variables respond to changes in the other variables or how robust and resilient the system reacts on disturbances. The most important methods applied in our group are generalized linear models and time series models.


Kai_Teamseite -----------
Dr. Kai Husmann
Phone: -26760
Room: 0.120

Jasper_Teamseite -----------
Jasper M. Fuchs M.Sc.
Phone: -26763
Room: 0.122

Leona_Teamseite -----------
Leona Ottens M.Sc.
Phone: -23477
Room: 0.124, Büsgenweg 3

Larissa_Teamseite -----------
Larissa Topanotti M.Sc.
Phone: -23938
Room: 0.116, Büsgenweg 3


Research projects

  • H2020 Projekt ONEforest