Die Tafel Göttingen

This semester we decided to support the Tafel Göttingen with our donation.

The Tafel Göttingen is committed to supporting people on low incomes with food. Surplus donated food is given free of charge to people in emergency situations. As a member of the Federal Association Deutsche Tafel e.V., the Tafel Göttingen is also committed to various principles. These include, for example, that the work of the Tafel is done on a voluntary basis and that the work is supported by donors and sponsors. In addition, the Tafel acts independently of political parties and denominations and, accordingly, all people in need of help are supported independently of who these people in need of help are.

Throughout Germany, the Tafel currently distributes food to around 1.5 million people. Nationwide, about 60,000 volunteers support it. The Tafel does not provide a full supply of food, it mainly gives out fruit, vegetables, baked goods and some dairy products and sausages.

The Tafel Göttingen is also committed to further education and through the project "Tafel Göttingen e.V. unterwegs - informieren, sensibilisieren, gewinnen" (Göttingen food bank on the road - inform, sensitize, win) it offers series of talks on the topics of "poverty" and "food waste" in schools, parishes, or other institutions. The aim is to reduce prejudice against those in need and to and to raise awareness of social problems.

The food bank is financed by donations from organizations and individuals. We would like to participate in this with the Theological Stift this semester to support the important work of the Tafel Göttingen.