Who we are


  1. The Theologisches Stift Göttingen is made-up and functions by its members. As it is organised in a grass-root democratic way, the members are able to commonly shape their living together in many different ways and work together at and within a vibrant, diverse and active community.

  2. Diversity

  3. A community constitutes itself from the diversity of its members. From our point of view that provides the opportunity to learn together with and from each other, as manifested in a community comprised of

    • students in Theology and other subjects;
    • who find themselves at different points of their studies;
    • who come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

  4. As we are a theological dormitory, a general interest in religious matters and theological interchange is vital for us and therefore a condition to live with us. We see a chance in purposely maintaining a religious imprint and consider it a special gift. Still, we do not withdraw ourselves in like-mindedness - but we aim to share life with members from a great variety of intercultural and interreligious backgrounds or those who are interested in Theology even though they do not have a religious background.

  5. To foster diversity, we take part in international exchange programmes and maintain close ties with the Intercultural Theology programme, from which we regularly receive members. In our house various (theological) orientations meet each other, wherein we see the potential for a fruitful dialogue and the foundation to articulate our own positions as well as to reflect on them in a sheltered and sensible environment. We aim to provide a safe space for an open discourse on theological, political but also everyday matters.

  6. A space for living and studying together

  7. We see our house as a common place for living and studying together, which is promoted by the structure of the Stift:

  8. As a dormitory focused on community we maintain a vibrant social life. Institutions like the Montagabendplena (fun events regularly taking place on Monday evenings), the cultural evening or the shared meals (lunch and dinner) during the lecture period contribute to this. Furthermore the structure of the Stift offers everyone the opportunity to try oneself out and to engage in the Stift in various manners - e.g. by organising an "exercise" session. Also, any kind of common activity can be quickly and easily put into practice - whether it may be singing together at the piano, playing table soccer after dinner or a spontaneous party on the corridor.

  9. As a Theological dormitory the Stift is an especially beneficial environment for studying Theology - whether it may be by forming study groups, by continuing discussions at the dinner table or by dealing with religious struggles that aren't given enough space in class. Also the Stift's library is very useful to do research for papers and to prepare oneself for exams. Furthermore, we aim to offer space for students in Theology and other subjects to try themselves out in Theology - e.g. by holding prayers.

  10. As a dormitory organised in a grass-root democratic way we discuss and make decisions all together. Plenary and council sessions as well as the ministries form the basic structure of the Stift but all other discussions, initiatives and projects are equally important for building our community. By being structured in such a flexible manner we have the opportunity to shape the Stift in many ways, to be creative, to work at small as well as broader issues and to make the Stift a place where we like to live.

  11. Therefore, the Stift is continuously changing being shaped all over again by different people every semester.

  12. Our values

  13. The living diversity and permanent change of our house are however rooted in and arise from a few basic values which we feel responsible for: our foundation is the Christian understanding of human being, which we especially consider to include the active love of our neighbour and the equality of any identity. Therefore, as a house we reject any kind of discrimination, whether focused on gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural, social or ethnic background. Decisively we object to religious fundamentalism or religiously motivated discrimination. We aim to be a safe space where all community members are valued and respected in diversity. In order to fulfil this aspiration, we keep reflecting on how we live together. We reflect critically on our life together in order to live up to this claim.

last modified on: June 17th, 2023