Certificate Programme "Ecumenical and Interreligious Encounters in Non-Homogeneous Environments"

In our globalized world, intercultural and interreligious competencies increasingly gain significance - in both private and professional realms. The certificate programme EIRENE offered by the Faculty of Theology responds to these developments. It is designed for students of all degree programmes at the University of Göttingen.

The general aim of the programme is to enable the students to engage in academic discussions on topics and issues regarding ecumenical and interreligious encounters in a variety of cultural contexts, as well as to apply newly acquired knowledge to specific theological and social questions. Furthermore, the programme promotes the students´ ability to work and communicate in an interdisciplinary and problem-solving manner. Cooperation and exchange within the heterogeneous groups of learners permit them to observe the interaction of different perspectives and to realize the merits of religious and social diversity.

The programme comprises 24 credit points. It covers a module which imparts the foundations of intercultural communication, two modules which allow students to acquire knowledge and methodological competencies in focus regions of their choice (e.g. Africa and Asia) and deepen these in an interdisciplinary setting, and a module which includes an internship in a church community or school characterized by diversity as well as an evaluation seminar:

> "Intercultural Hermeneutics" (5 C / 3 WHL)
> "Christianity in Intercultural Perspectives I" (6 C / 4 WHL)
> "Christianity in Intercultural Perspectives II" (6 C / 4 WHL)
> "Ecumenical Internship and Reflection on Practical Work" (7 C / 2 WHL)

Classes and examinations are held in English or German.

The EIRENE programme is open to all students of the University of Göttingen according to the examination rules of their individual degree programmes and to the general regulations for voluntary supplemental examinations.

epending on the respective examination and study regulations, parts of the programme can be counted towards the key competency or elective component of a degree programme. Successful participation in the EIRENE programme will be approved by a certificate.