Academic Coordination

The Academic coordination of CeMig has the following tasks:

  • Organisation and further establishment of CeMig
  • Coordination of research activities and third-party funding
  • Conceptualization, preparation and organisation of various event formats (conferences, workshops, panel discussions)
  • Expansion of internal and external university networks
  • Public relations

Jelka Profilbild neu
Jelka Günther holds a PhD in cultural and social anthropology and has been the academic coordinator of CeMig since April 2018. As project coordinator, she has contributed to the project "Re/assembling antiracism in Germany" (since 04/2021), to the RESPOND conference „Governing Migration in Europe and Beyond: New Perspectives and Lessons Learned“ (04/2021-11/2021) and the "Urban Lab: Migration Moves Göttingen" (03/2019-03/2020).

Eva Apelt (E-Mail) is a master student of cultural anthropology and religious studies. Her main areas of study include migration, gender studies, and (anti-)racism. During her bachelor's degree, she conducted research on the treatment of Jewish artists during the Nazi era. She also participated in a research project on migration activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, Eva is working on her master's thesis on migrant workers in the GDR in relation to (bio-)political regulations and reproduction.

Former Employees:

  • Simon Lauer (Student Assistant)
  • Leon-Fabian Caspari (Student Assistant)
  • Dr. Katherine Braun (Academic Coordination)
  • Guido Albrecht-Böning (Student Assistant)