Certificate Settings

The certificate has been created and you should have received an email.
Unfortunately, the creation process has recently been improved and settings that we can set ourselves before must now be set by you when you pick up the certificate.

The required settings when picking up via the link in the email are attached in the image.


or as text information here:

  • Please select 3 years for "Certificate Term"
  • Please select RSA-4096 for "Key Type"
  • Please enter a password at "Password" that you can remember well and repeat it at "Confirm Pasword". With this password the certificate file is protected
  • Please click the checkbox in front of "I have read..."
  • The Sectigo EULA will then appear, which you confirm by clicking on the "Accept" button. Finally, please click on the "Submit" button.
  • After that you can download the certificate. You need the certificate with the extension ".p12".