Chile, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile

Dear Students

The Universidad de Chile is presented as one of Latin America's top universities in worldwide rankings. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Facultad de Economía y Negocios (FEN) offers an extensive range of interesting courses such as: Business economics, informatics and economics (with a marketing strategy focus), statistics and finance. Approximately 2.500 undergraduate and 1.500 master students are enrolled at the faculty.

Chile has 18 million inhabitants (of which ca. 75% are descendants of European immigrants) and geographically stretches from the center to the base of South America. The landscape is extremely diverse and ranges from the world's driest deserts in the north to glacier fields in the south. To partake in this unique opportunity of experiencing the Chilean culture, landscape and language, as well as the student life of South America's most western country, then apply for this exchange programme.

University Universidad de Chile
City Santiago
Population Ca. 6.5 Million
Suitable for Economic Sciences, Business Administration, economic computer science (Bachelor & Master)
No. of Students Ca. 5.000 at the Faculty
Academic year

1st Semester: March - July

2nd Semester: July - November

Orientation takes place the start of each semester.

Required Language skills Bachelor: min. A2 when Faculty application is submitted
Master: min. B2 at the start of semester
For questions, please contact the study abroad advisory team.
Language of instruction Bachelor: Spanish and English
Master: only Spanish
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Information for the Bachelor degree

Bachelor Courses
Application process

  • 1. Apply at the Study Abroad Advisory team:
    Until the 15th of Jan for the following winter semester
    Until the 15th of June for the following summer semester
    Application documents are only available online during the application period under this URL.
  • 2. If your application is successful you will be nominated as a suitable candidate at the host university.
  • 3. Please note that you must conduct the enrolment process yourself at the host university. Also take note of any additional application deadlines.
  • 4. Some points to consider when starting your travel arrangements:

    • International travel insurance
    • Credit approval procedures
    • Possible visa application
    • Book flights
    • Etc.

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