Connect to a Network Drive

Windows 10

Windows 10

Follow these instructions for Windows 10 to connect to a Network Drive:
Please mind, that you have to be either directly connected to the university network or use a VPN Client.

    • Press the Windows key + E to enter the Explorer
      • Click right on „Dieser PC" and then select "Netzlaufwerk verbinden…"
      • Network drive 1

      • In the following dialog you can select an available letter for your drive.
        In the "Folder" field below the letter you have to enter the Path to the Drive:
        in this example \\\ussz-all$\USSZ100\

      • Then select "Reconnect on Login" and "Connect using other login information"
      • Network drive 2

      • Enter your username with gwdg\ respectivlely ug-student\ in front of it in the password dialog.
        To stop being asked for the password on every login you can select "Save login information"
      • Network drive 3
        The network drive will be available on every boot of your pc from now on.