Connect to a Network Printer

Windows 10


Windows 10

With the following instructions you can connect to the network printers of the WiSo-RZ or the GWDG:
Please mind, that you have to be either directly connected to the university network or use a VPN Client.

    • Press the Windows key + E to enter the Explorer
    • WiSo-RZ: Type in the adressbar: \\ug-uxws-print02.wiso.uni-goettingen.d and press Enter.
      GWDG: Type in the adressbar: \\ and press Enter.

      Wiso Rz drucker einbinden Win10

      Network printer

    • If you are asked for a password, enter your GWDG- or Studentaccount. Important: Put gwdg\ respectively ug-student\ in front of your name.
    • Network printer 2

    • Enter the name of your printer into the searchfield at the upper right hand corner. Rightclick the printer that you want to use and select "Connect".
      (in this example ug-uspg200-p04)
    • Network printer 3
      The driver is being installed automatically (no administrator rights necessary)


      The old print server is replaced by

      For use on macOS, the change to the new server must be done manually in System Preferences. To use the printers via the new server, you must add the printers again. First, open the "Printers & Scanners" settings in System Preferences and click the "+" sign there to open the "Add" dialog. You can remove the old printers in this interface by clicking on the "-" sign.

      The toolbar must contain the item "Advanced". If this is not the case, add it. (Right click on the upper bar "Customize toolbar...").

      Drag the "Advanced" icon to the menu bar and confirm the change.

      The menu should now look like the one shown below. Click on "Advanced" and complete the entries.
      Type: „Windows printer via spoolss“
      Device: Keep „other device“ selected
      URL: Path + Name of the printer smb://
      (Add another printer URL if the first URL does not work smb://
      Example: smb://
      Name: Freely selectable, use a descriptive name for the printer (Bsp.: UWFB200-P001)
      Ort: Freely selectable, use a descriptive name

      Under "Usage", select the driver to be used for this printer. For simple devices, the "General PCL Printer" driver supplied by Apple is often sufficient. If it does not work with this driver, try the "Postscript printer".

      In the next step you can determine if your device has any other printer options (e.g. a duplex unit). For complex printers (e.g. with trays for A3 paper) you better download the driver for MacOS provided by the printer manufacturer, on their website, because in this dialog often not all options are displayed.

      Clicking "OK" should display your printer in "System Preferences" > "Printers & Scanners".

      Print a page for testing to check the functionality. Before printing, you still need to authenticate yourself. Enter your username including the domain (GWDG\username) and the corresponding password.

      Enter user data

      After the setup has been completed, the printer is available in the printer list and can be selected from the respective program. However, authentication is required in order to use it. Under 10.8 and newer, this is automatically requested after sending the print job.

      Here, the current Mac account name is suggested by default. Enter GWDG\Userid and your password instead and confirm with "OK".

      10.6 and 10.7, on the other hand, initially abort the print job with the message "Stopped (identification required)" in the print dialog. Only a click on the "Continue" button opens the authentication dialog. (This is only necessary during the first setup of each queue and has been fixed since 10.8).