Connection via MS Windows

Prerequisite to use the remote desktop apps is an existing VPN connection to the university's network. You can find the corresponding instructions on the GWDG website: VPN

The following access options are available to our students and staff at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

Connect to remote desktop apps:

Open the following link in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer):

Login with GWDG\username or UG-STUDENT\username and your password.

You will receive the following overview:

The shared programs can be opened by simply clicking (not double-clicking).

Your browser will ask you how you want to open the files. In Firefox the following selection is already set as default, check "For files of this type...." and confirm it with "OK":

In the following window you can check whether you are establishing a connection to your local folders. In this case, make sure that a check mark is set for "Drives" under "Show detail" before opening the connection.

Click on "Connect"

In the following window, you will have to enter your credentials again.
The user name with which you previously logged in to the remote desktop server in the browser (step 2) is usually already stored. Enter the corresponding password.
It is not possible to open the programs with a user other than the one entered before!

Login with GDWG\username or UG-STUDENT\username and your password. The initial login may take a few minutes.

For example, if Explorer is opened, you will see the familiar File Explorer view from Windows:

Close Remote-Desktop-Apps Connection

After using it, please log out as follows to ensure the functionality of the applications:

Locally on your computer, open the tray bar - A small arrow located on your taskbar next to your time display.

Connect local folders

To access your local folders, it is necessary to share the drives with the Remote Desktop App. To share the drives, make sure that a check mark is set for "Drives" under "Show details" before opening the connection.