Current Information

How to contact the Examinations Office. No public office hours until further notice. No postal correspondence.

We can be contacted during office hours by telephone and by e-mail - if necessary on request via BBB. We are not available at the weekly service meeting, which is usually held on Wed 10-12. Please send us all messages, applications etc. by e-mail. If possible, please ensure that you only contact the staff member responsible for your degree programme. In case of absence, we substitute for each other, i.e. the e-mails of absent colleagues are regularly read and processed. Please communicate with us exclusively via the e-mail address provided by the university ( and always state your matriculation number. We will use the student e-mail address to contact you. Even after exmatriculation, you will have access to it for a whole year.

Examinations in WiSe21/22 Attendance/Digital (except M.Ed. and Prof.Bereich Lehramt)

The Dean of Studies, Prof. Horn, has adjusted the faculty-specific guidelines for exam operation in response to the increasing number of Corona infections, following a corresponding statement by the Chair of the Examination Committee, Prof. Stubbe.
In order to avoid unnecessary contacts, students who have taken part in a course in presence may also take a contactless (digital) alternative of the examination.
Conversely, students who have participated in a digital course for which there is no in-presence examination may only be examined online. The option of an in-presence examination does not exist here. The current, central handouts on risk-minimised face-to-face teaching and on conducting examinations in face-to-face can be found here.
As in previous semesters, the examinations held within the framework of digital alternative offerings fall under the regulations according to § 22 a APO.
Please make absolutely sure that the examination takes place in the intended (if applicable, alternatively approved) form. For each module for which the regularly scheduled in-presence examination is to take place, a digital alternative must be offered. For written examinations, this is usually an oral online examination.

Registration and submission of theses exclusively as in digital version

Please submit applications for admission to the final thesis (Master's thesis, Bachelor's thesis) as a scanned PDF or digitally filled out by e-mail to the staff member responsible for your degree programme. The signatures do not have to be in the original, but can also be inserted digitally by the examiners.
For the submission of theses (Master's theses, Bachelor's theses), please upload them to Flexnow. The technical requirements for a purely digital submission have already been set up. Please do not submit hard-copy theses. You can find all information here.

The preparation of certificates

Please apply for the certificate using the application form provided for this purpose under the menu item Forms and Information Sheets by e-mail to the responsible administrator. The certificate is initially issued digitally. You will receive the digital image of the certificate as a PDF by email and, as soon as possible, the print version as well. We will make every effort to send you the certificate documents as quickly as possible, even during the considerable disruption to university operations caused by the Corona Pandemic (§ 22 a APO). As is customary at our university, the digital documents are provided with a verification code so that their authenticity can be checked online at any time.
As we would like to finally send the paper documents to you by regular mail, please make sure that you reply to the last mail in which we inform you about the completion of the documents and provide your current address.

Credit transfer of examination results via an eForm

You can easily apply online for the transfer of examination credits, e.g. after a change of university, a change of degree programme or a stay abroad (incl. Learning Agreement). To do so, simply go to eCampus - Other services - Examination office forms and open the respective form for the recognition of examination achievements. As soon as you have filled it out, attached the necessary documents and sent it off, the form will be sent to the relevant person here at the examination office. You can find detailed help here

Shifting the credit limit in the study programme BA Social Sciences

The Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, following the regulations on the "Increase of individual standard period of study by another semester", Newsletter of the University of Göttingen, UniNews 1.3 (January 21, 2022), adjusted the previous resolution of November 02, 2021 on January 26, 2022 as follows:
ad APO § 22 a (1) letter h): Deadlines according to 16b para.2 sentence 3 in conjunction with the PStO are extended by 4 semesters for all students enrolled for at least 4 semesters from the summer semester 2020 to the winter semester 2021/22 and not on leave of absence. For students who were enrolled for only one semester in the aforementioned period, the deadline is extended by 1 semester accordingly, for students who were enrolled for two semesters, by two semesters, etc.