Data and analyses

The development of instruments to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunities relies on data about the situation and needs of students and other members and affiliates of the university.

At the University of Göttingen data is collected primarily by the Teaching and Learning Quality Management of the Student and Academic Services Department. It is responsible for course evaluations and graduate surveys, as well as for additional and special surveys. Results of all surveys conducted by the Student and Academic Services Department can be found centrally under Surveys - quality management.

In the Department of Finances, GenderControlling serves the quality assurance and development of the university's gender equality work and provides processed data for all organisational units.

In the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit, a questionnaire was developed in the project „Conception of surves modules on student diversity" from October 2018 to March 2020 (project funding: central study quality funds), which can be used by faculties and with which an instrument for a future university-wide survey can be developed, if necessary.

Outside the University of Göttingen, you will find a large number of studies and surveys on the situation of students and teachers, here is just a selection:

Literature used and further resources
Last updated 17th October 2022