Delius, Katharina: Empirical Study of Genre-based Tasks in a Dramapedagogical Setting to Foster Speaking Competences

This doctoral thesis deals with the question of how speaking skills can be promoted in the foreign language classroom. For this purpose, the potential of a synthesis of two current foreign language didactic approaches - generic learning and drama pedagogy - is developed on a theoretical level. The associated design-based research study pursues a twofold objective: on the one hand, a theoretical gain in knowledge about the chosen didactic approach, on the other hand, a practical output in the form of empirically evaluated teaching units for foreign language promotion. In addition, the three research cycles further develop design principles that are available to teachers for planning new teaching units. The basis for the formative and summative evaluation of the cycles is data from video recordings, participant observation, reflection discussions with the participating teacher, interviews with learners in focus groups, learner products and evaluation and self-assessment sheets from all participating students.

The doctoral thesis is published in the Metzler LiKuS-series (Literatur-, Kultur- und Sprachvermittlung), Vol. 10: Förderung der Sprechkompetenz durch Synthese von generischem Lernen und Dramapädagogik