Development of a teacher-training concept for an inclusive and diversity-conscious subject approach with a particular focus on action- and product-orientation

In the current research project of Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp, Prof. Dr. Jessica Löser and Rajmund Bethge, an inclusive TEFL seminar concept is being developed for the master seminar ‘And the Oscar goes to … - taking students to Hollywood in a Global Simulation’. The close nexus of theoretical and practical elements facilitates various possibilities of experience and reflection for students in the fields of ‘university seminar’ and ‘English classroom’. The project is conceptualised in the interdisciplinary ‘Schlözer-Programm-Lehrerbildung’ (Handlungsbereich C: Diversität gerecht werden), funded by the BMBF, and focuses on the one hand on action-oriented inclusive contents of TEFL, including dramapedagogical aspects as well. On the other hand, students are being sensitised for diversity-related attributions in the context of a broad understanding of the term ‘inclusion’.