English Didactics participate in Schlözer-Teacher-Education-Program

Project: research competences in cooperationt with the YLAB

The 'Schlözer-Programm-Lehrerbildung' (Schlözer-Teacher Education-Program) at Göttingen University is part of the 'Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung' (Quality Campaign for Teacher Education) promoted by the federal government and the federal states. As part of the quality campaign, the project 'Forschungskompetenzen in Kooperation mit dem Y-LAB ' (research competence in cooperation with the Y-LAB) promotes the use of the Y-LAB as a place of teaching and learning for students of foreign language didactics. The interlinking of theory and practice as well as the empirical evaluation of teaching projects aim at enhancing the reflection and research competences of future teachers. The 'teaching and learning laboratory' offers opportunities for the development and implementation of innovative teaching concepts as well as for the reflection on and the research into teaching situations: compared to regular lessons at school the complexity of the teaching situation is reduced: a fact that enables the participants to focus more on their scientific investigations. Guided by their instructors, the students thus learn to question their beliefs about and scripts of teaching situations and to develop an inquiring view.