Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Faculty of Law

The most important tasks of the Equal Opportunity Office are:

  • Advising on the structural and development planning of the faculty and on all personnel decisions, especially appointment and staffing procedures, in order to ensure equal opportunities and quality assurance
  • Participation in committees and commissions
  • Advice and information on the compatibility of family and career/studies as well as support for measures and projects that lead to a family-friendly design of the university
  • Advice and moderation in conflict situations
  • Cooperation with other equal opportunity officers and with women's initiatives

  • You are welcome to email us if:

  • You have questions about part-time work, maternity and parental leave
  • You would like to have a first point of contact on the subject of childcare
  • You feel discriminated in the workplace
  • You are being harassed by colleagues
  • You are just interested and would like to get to know us
  • You would like to find out about further education and training measures