Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was founded in October of 2008. It is a fusion of the former Faculty of Mathematics and the Institute of Computer Science.

The faculty offers an attractive study program: Bachelor studies mathematics and applied computer science, Master studies mathematics, business mathematics and applied computer science, as well as 2-subject-bachelor studies and master of education qualifying for a legal clerkship at a grammar school. The faculty has also been offering the Bachelor's degree in Applied Data Science and Mathematical Data Science since 2018. There are very good doctoral graduation possibilities joining the doctoral programs in mathematics, computer science or environmental informatics of the Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS). Further informations are included on the homepages for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Göttingen Spirit


Shortly before his death in 1972, Richard Courant was asked about the unique human and scientific spirit that characterized his Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. Courant's answer was, "It is Göttingen. Göttingen is here." He was referring to the scientific approach and research environment in Göttingen in the period before 1933: numerous exceptional scientists were at work in an atmosphere that supported the free exchange of ideas both within and between disciplines, attracting the best scientists all over the world. Today, Göttingen Campus stands for a lively exchange of ideas and for a highly productive collaboration in the areas of research and teaching. The Göttingen Campus is constituted by Göttingen University together with eight internationally renowned non-university research establishments - making it a successful centre of research in the middle of Germany. We know that in order to discover new things and gain new insights we have to confront what is known with unconventional ideas and concepts.That is why we need personalities who "think and act against the current".