Göttingen model of the internationalisation of the curricula

As part of the project "Göttingen model of the internationalisation of the curricula" that has been funded through central study quality funds, the following curriculum development projects have been implemented:

Summer term 2021

Winter term 2020/21
  • Joint Classroom: Designing a fictional, literary Rome in intercultural dialogue
  • Joint Classroom "The Pre-Modern Persian Translation of the Bible"

Summer term 2020

  • Module „Pests & Diseases of Tropical Crops“ at master level
  • MaRCCI-GOE Joint Classroom Pilot Project in Agricultural Sciences
  • Joint classroom on intercultural competences for teacher training students of all subjects
  • Creating learning videos in international teams
  • Arab*ic-West*ern cultural encounters in the Joint Classroom

Winter term 2019/20

  • Simulation game "Lobbyism in the European Multilevel System" in Political Science
  • SpiELE: Spanish Didactics in Dialogue with ELE (Espaῆol lengua Extranjera)
  • Cross-border exchange on the subject of digitisation in schools

Summer term 2019

  • Digitally Supported Computational Physics Teaching Materials in the U4 Network
  • Spatial Statistics - Digitally supported teaching project on the internationalisation of the MSc Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, focus on Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling

Winter term 2018/19

  • Interdisciplinary Research Practice in the Social Sciences
  • Landscape Ecology and Fieldtrip - Development of learning materials for the internationalization of two master modules in geography.
  • Business English: Project Management in Agribusiness

Summer term 2018

  • Wood infestation and wood preservation: English-speaking online courses in the international network
  • Further Internationalization of Study Courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Master of Education: transnational and comparative perspectives on the school system
  • Bachelor's Programme "Ethnology": Ethnographic Field Research in International Dialogue
  • Digital teaching units for the focus "Indogermanic Linguistics" in the
    Bachelor's programme "General Linguistics".
  • Master's programmes "English Philology" and "English for Teaching at Grammar Schools":
    Global Shakespeare
  • Subject Gender Studies:
    English E-Learning Units on International Debates in Gender Studies

Winter term 2017/18

Summer term 2017

Winter term 2016/17